Hi, I’m Gina Mallison

A bubble of love, bursting with joy, and eager to have people like you join me in that love for life. Beyond that, and all of my other identities such as being a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter, and a coach, I am continually in the process of becoming—expanding in recognizing who I am within myself.

The resonance I absorb with every step I take in experiencing my own fuller awareness of the whole creation process and how then, more deliberately, I get to choose how to shape my life, goes hand in hand with my desire to share the magic of the process with others.

Although my background in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and expertise in life coaching is extensive, it’s ultimately through my own steadiness of applying, practicing, and living it myself that I am able to guide others in becoming masters of the creation process themselves.

This authenticity inspires me to create unique techniques to calibrate you to more unconditional love, abundance, and ease. For that, I am referred to as the Queen of Calibration, and the extraordinary calibration process that I’ve developed is called The Evoke Method.


From “hustle and struggle” to “ease and abundance”

Throughout my life, I have always been an uplifter, cheering on others in their path of self-discovery and fulfillment. From an early age, I understood that joy comes from the inside out, and it has been my lifelong calling to guide others towards experiencing that magic within themselves.

In my mid-30s, when I became a corporate trainer and coach, I also became highly influenced by the world of traditional personal development. I eagerly applied those traditional philosophies to my own life—mostly motivation, strategy, “massive determined action,” and hard work, hoping to achieve the successful life those philosophies promised. However, although it was possible to reach that goal like this, the successes I achieved through the process of the “hustle and hard work” mentality only looked good on the outside—on the inside, it was full of effort—stress, worry, overwhelment, and eventually led me to a breakdown.

At the age of 37, my marriage started falling apart, my career was getting increasingly more stressful and overwhelming, our finances got troubled—and eventually, I lost my marriage, I lost my job, and at the age of 39 I found myself as a single mom, tens of thousands of dollars in debt—weeks away from having to move back in with my parents. I had hit a rock bottom like I never experienced before.

While I was desperately searching for help and answers, serendipity prevailed and I found a course to learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It was a quantum leap, the beginning of what felt like a huge transformation in my awareness—by the second day of that course, I realized that I had just found the secret to “The Secret.” Within weeks, I discovered the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and began feverishly consuming all of their material while applying the principles I was absorbing into my life experience.

Through the study of the Abraham-Hicks material, I realized that the traditional model of personal development I had been applying was what led me down the path to the breakdown. I gained the clarity that the real sustainable and enjoyable way to create and experience the life of my dreams was through an understanding of vibration and its integration within the creation process. I became more aware of my thought patterns and how I connect them to the way I choose to react. My sensitivity to my own emotional guidance system has expanded. The calibration of my vibration towards feeling good and mastering the ability to be more aware of my flashlight of attention made an incredible difference in how I move through my existence.

The teachings of Abraham-Hicks, along with my unique application of the NLP processes I integrated—allowed me to completely transform my life from its very foundation. I was able to use my new knowledge, the recognition of my inner knowing to bring myself from the vibration of shame, guilt, hopelessness, and depression up to the state of being a steady and consistent vibration of ease, joy, freedom, blissful satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Since learning of the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham-Hicks at the age of 39, I have welcomed with ease the most amazing life I could have asked for. I am now happily married, experiencing the lifestyle of my dreams that includes traveling around the world, enjoying epic adventures, owning beautiful properties, driving the cars I want, and having an abundance of money flowing. I feel and look radiant, I am doing what I passionately love, I have an abundance of close beautiful friends—and all my relationships, including with myself, continue to get better and better because I am now, due to this work, able to see and experience the value in everything and everyone.

As a result, I am constantly reminding not only myself, but also others—how magical, worthy, and loving they are. I started my private coaching practice at age 39 and it’s continued to evolve and expand. Helping my clients find their way in mastering the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and helping guide their discovery of their own vibrational steadiness gives me the greatest satisfaction imaginable.

My Intentions

As we observe the variety of the beautiful world we are part of, we move through life with moments of comfort and sometimes the opposite—any situation being of value and beneficial to us in experiencing our physicality in a fuller way. This knowing, paired with my love and the non-judgment of where each person is at any given moment, is what drives me to facilitate tools for people to live the life they consider is best for them.

My intention is to remind you that behind every manifestation lies serendipitous circumstances that fill us with awe—if only we pay attention. There is no need for action-based goals and pushy motivational speeches because, with me, you will recognize how the goal is in your own discovery. I will guide you through calibrating towards waking up to the attention, emotional alignment, and steadiness within the movement through life—to the power, energy, and magic within you—so you can see your dreams unfold before you.

With my infinite zest for life, my enthusiasm, and guidance, you’ll be drawing on your inner wisdom to witness your outer life shift right in front of you with ease, blissfully satisfied.

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