I Want Guidance


There is nothing more satisfying to me than being part of your becoming process, where you allow me to guide you through the journey of self-discovery and towards releasing any kind of resistance. There is no limit to the topics on which you can receive my guidance, whether it’s about abundance and financial success, stunning relationships not only with others, but with yourself, your health, as well as your general well-being.

But first, I want to start by explaining what resistance is. When we try to hold onto anything, either positive or negative emotions in relation to any topic that is important to us, there will always be some kind of resistance. All resistance carries fear in different degrees. Emotions are our guidance system that indicates where we are within the movement of our creation process. I will help you not just to release resistance, but also I will guide you to a broader awareness so you can experience yourself as you truly are—the life force expressing itself via your mixed physical and non-physical beingness—via the process of the Evoke Method I created. The same process can be applied to absolutely any topic.

I want guidance

For Abundance


We all want to feel and experience abundance. Sometimes, abundance and success might appear as limiting to you but available to others. However, it’s just our focus from the narrow perspective of self that measures too much in comparison to others, instead of looking within ourselves to recognize the vast, lavish, and infinite abundance we are and continually becoming. Our upbringing and societal contexts may play a significant influence on us, but we can shift that perspective at any time by directing our attention towards the knowing of “whatever we ask, it’s always given,” according to Abraham-Hicks, spoken by Esther Hicks.

Money is an energy exchange, so I can guide you through calibrating your vibrational steadiness, allowing you to become more conscious of the unlimited possibilities for experiencing the abundance you desire in your life. The tools I will offer to you will always be available at all times. There is no better investment than in your own empowerment.

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I Want Guidance

For relationships

It is safe to say that without relationships, we would cease to exist. All relationships are the mirror reflection of where we are vibrationally at any given moment, and they are also the catalyst of our expansion and evolution. Instead of complaining or trying to control others, we will sense our true inner power when we become aware that it’s always about us and not others. Ultimately, the most important relationship we can cultivate is the relationship between ourselves and the world around us.

I will guide you through calibrating to master a fuller vibrational steadiness, where you can sense and experience such a steady movement in relationship with everything and everyone. As such, you will release the need to control others, knowing others will have no choice but to join you in it because of your steady vibrational standpoint. Then, as you realize that they are the ideal teachers for you to bring up your steadiness, love, bliss, and appreciation in a greater state of beingness, you will begin to praise even the most stubborn reflections of people.

I want guidance

For Well-Being


Well-being is the most natural state of being. Weola says, “There is nothing to fix because everything has value.” The cells in your body are always looking for balance. Whenever you are experiencing body discomfort, it’s your body mechanism saying to you to pause and relax so you can release some kind of resistance. Our body, mind, emotions are all interconnected and communicating the reflection of our attention between the movement of the Self and the Oness perspectives.